Private View Friday 10th July 2009_6-9
Show open 11th and 12th July 2009_1-6
Symposium on Sunday 12th July_6-8

Richard Healy
Ian Law
Rut Blees Luxemburg
Intervention by Am Nuden Da

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Press release

The prospect of engagement is inherent in any image, but how are the possibilities of image related to objects and space?

Session_3_Image brings together two large photographic works by Rut Blees Luxemburg - an architectural positive and negative; a video loop projection by Richard Healey - a virtual exhibition proposal; a canvas-stretcher installation by Ian Law - responding to the idiosyncrasies of the Am Nuden Da space and a fourth piece - an intervention on the part of the curators.

The intent is to nurture a relationship between the conjured-image and formal space, the body and architecture. What the works all share and this show like to stress is an engagement with a certain physicality.

Session_3_Image renegotiates (traditions associated with) the interface between viewer and object, the role of the Gaze or an Embodied interaction with the work, not as opposed notions, but as historic precedents for understanding this process of exchange between artwork and viewer.


Am Nuden Da is an independent artist-run space in East London.

Am Nuden Da
7 Ravenscroft Street London E2 7SH